Our Team

The Military Rape Crisis Center was formed in 2006 by then Active Duty Coast Guardsman Panayiota Bertzikis because she was repulsed by the way her command handled her very brutal rape. Panayiota did not want her shipmates to suffer the way that she did and formed the organization to offer support to fellow survivors.

Today the Military Rape Crisis Center is the largest NGO helping survivors of Military Sexual Trauma and their families. The Military Rape Crisis Center free services includes peer support, mental health referrals, victim advocacy, legal advocacy, workshops and eduction.

Our Team:


Case Managers:

Melissa, Air Force Veteran and MST survivor. melissa@stopmilitaryrape.org

Stacey, Coast Guard Veteran and MST survivor. stacey@stopmilitaryrape.org

Panayiota, Coast Guard Veteran and MST survivor. panayiota@stopmilitaryrape.org

Judy, Army Veteran and MST survivor. judy@stopmilitaryrape.org

Family support:

Kelli, spouse of an MST survivor. kelli@stopmilitaryrape.org

Briana, mother of an MST survivor. briana@stopmilitaryrape.org


Admin support:

Marty: Marty@stopmilitaryrape.org

Crystal: crystal@stopmilitaryrape.org


Education and Outreach:

Kate: Kate@stopmilitaryrape.org





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