Coast Guard Veteran charged with rape

Lee Finlayson

Lee Finlayson is held in the Kent County Correctional Facility on a sexual-assault allegation filed in Pennsylvania, jail records showed.

He is facing six charges, including first-degree felony rape by force, in Beaver County, WOOD-TV8 reported.

He was at the victim’s home, talking about their relationship, when he forced himself on her, WOOD-TV8 said, citing a criminal complaint.

The station reported that the complaint said he texted her days later: “…Think I’ve been cruel enough to you already for ten lifetimes. I (RAPED) you and I can’t get that out of my head.”

2 thoughts on “Coast Guard Veteran charged with rape”

  1. I was raped on base in two rock california in 1984. I’m scared to report it and am still traumatized. I have no rights.I have nightmares and insomnia. I’m so scared.I’m 48….and my youngest child was raped st fire years old. I can’t deal with life. What do I do. The va don’t care about me. I have no control over my life.what do I do. Somebody help me please.

  2. Call 1-800-656-HOPE to be routed to a rape crisis center near you. Please call now you sound like you are having a really hard time.

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